Do you want great buys in Bangkok, top quality and at a good price?

Best Buys in Bangkok

Hi my name is Andrew, and I have been visiting Bangkok for over twenty years. My first visits I was lost for shopping, too many choices, too many slick promotions and questions about quality. Would that shirt shrink on its first wash. Was that diamond a fake? Yes you can spend hours in markets looking and finding bargains. I am a bit lazy when it comes to that kind of shopping and prefer to find good retailers and stay with them over the years. I have done this and built up a great relationship with three of them over the twenty years. I want to share these contacts as these retailers are good and deserve your custom. Their prices are much lower than in the west, one of the joys of travelling. For your information I am not getting any kick back or favours from them. Below are three, One mens (mostly) tailor, one jeweller and one womans tailor. These shops are near the river and perfect if you are staying at the Royal Orchid, Oriental or Shangri-La hotels. If not you can easily take a taxi to say the Royal Orchid and walk from there to the shops. When you visit these shops you can say Andrew told you about them, but its not necessary as they treat everyone fairly. Click on each photo for enlargement.

The Three Shops

Paul's International. Shop 105, River City, Tel +66 2 639-0495

This shop is in River City and best access is to walk from the first floor of the Royal Orchid Hotel, go past the internal shops, and across the bridge to River City and Paul's is straight ahead and on the right. He specialises in shirts, suits, trousers for men, but he also has womans wear as well. He is fast, and if necessary will post you garments home. I have worn his suits and shirts for years. They have been in and out of suit cases while I travel and always looked good. His prices are fair and his selection of fabrics is amazing and up to date.

New Universal Jewellery, 1144 New Road, Bangkok. Tel +66 2 234-3514, fax +66 2 266-4130

Leaving the Royal Orchid Hotel, out the front door and turn right down Captain Springs Lane to the end where you are forced left and walk up to New Road, then turn right and shortly on the right at 1144 you will find New Universal Jewellery.
Mr Sook, is one very good jeweller. His gems are top quality (being a cynic at heart) I had them valued when I returned home and was pleasantly surprised at the value, an excellent investment, especially over time. If you are buying for investment only, then diamonds are the best choice, but if its for beauty as well as investment then the other gems are good to. I have bought about 50% diamonds and the rest sapphires and rubies, and are very happy with the choice and they have bought us years of pleasure and happiness. Please feel free to call Mr Sook to make an appointment on 086 820-8882. Mr Sook speaks three languages; Thai, Emglish and Mandarin. They have an internet site:

Click here for New Universal Jewellery

Julie's Apparel and Accessories. 1279 Charoenkrung, (New Road) near Soi Charoenkrung 49. Tel +66 2 237-6592, fax +66 2 237-8587

Julie's is about ten minutes walking continuing straight down New Road (away from Royal Orchid Hotel) from New Universal Jewellery and on the left hand side.
My wife loves this shop so much. Everytime she comes to this shop she does not want to leave. Dosen't matter what size you are and she has changed a lot, before, during and after pregnancy. My wife loves the attention to detail, and she has over twenty five years of clothing retail experience in different countries and knows what is good quality when she sees it. Julie has an excellent selection of thai silks and cottons to choose from. They have an internet site:

Click here for Julie's Apparel and Accessories